What Should a Writer’s Workspace Look Like?

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Everystock Photo

I have a friend who interviews writers about their workspace. http://lisajordanbooks.com/blog/ And their offices look so neat and tidy. Sometimes I always wonder how they can work in such order. And I wonder if that’s the way their offices always look, or do they hide all their “stuff” before they take the picture?

I remember as a kid when someone called and said they were going to drop by,  we all worked like crazy stuffing things under the couch or in a closet for the 30 minutes or so it took them to get to our house. This was way before cell phones, so you got more advanced warning. Now when people call it’s usually from the driveway or around the corner, if they call at all. Most just drop in. More than one person has found my living room and kitchen a mess. And heaven forbid they look in my office.

But back to writers and their offices. I’ve heard that some writers must have a clean desk to be able to write. And others like me, write through the chaos. I had a friend to tell me once that he’d heard  people who could stand clutter were well adjusted, and if that was true, then I was very well adjusted.

Here’s a photMy officeo of my office–and that’s just one wall. It doesn’t always look that messy. Really. But those sheets you see are my plot board where I’ve outlined the last half of a book.

Sometimes I have more distractions than other times. Like here: That’s6CB80CF0-8A5F-48A0-A5D7-8F4F4D08F814 my kitty Suzy in my lap. She’s why I can’t work somedays. 🙂

For about six months out of the year, I do have another office. It’s on my back deck:

It’s my favorite place to work!


How about you? Where do you like to work? And do you like your work area neat and tidy or can you work better if it’s a little messy?

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