Who is the Dumb Criminal?

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IMG_0487 (1)I had thought I’d have time to write a proper blog this week, but after cutting 6,000 words from the story, I decided I better just put in the mysteries and get back to work.

Here’s last week’s Mystery Question:

A woman living in New Jersey vanished in 1991 and was reported missing after she did not report to work for several days. So what happened to the woman?

  1. She was eventually found living in California. When asked why she didn’t contact her family, she reported they had a falling out and she didn’t want them to know where she was.
  2. Bikers kidnapped her and kept her prisoner for five years before she escaped. After she escaped she didn’t contact her family for fear her brother, who was a member of the motorcycle gang, would tell the bikers where she was.
  3. A maintenance man at her complex broke into her apartment and smothered her with a pillow then dumped her remains in a remote area in New Jersey.
  4. She witnessed a murder and after telling the police all she knew they put her in the WITSEC Program ((The Witness Security Program) under the jurisdiction of the U. S. Marshalls.

And the answer is #3. You can check it out here.

Now for this week, we’re going with a Dumb Criminal story!

A guy walked into a little corner store with a shot gun and demanded all the cash from the cash drawer. After the cashier put the cash in a bag, he ran out the door. Two hours later, he was arrested. What did he do to get arrested so quickly?

  1. Before he ran out the door, he demanded a bottle of scotch behind the counter. The clerk asked him to prove he was 21, and the thief pulled out his driver’s license and showed it to him.
  2. The thief bragged about robbing the store on Facebook and invited all his friends over for a party.
  3. The store he robbed was located five blocks from where he lived and the clerk not only recognized him but knew his name and where he lived.
  4. The thief dropped his student ID to the local junior college and the police found him at the student dorm and arrested him.

So, readers, which one is our stupid criminal?