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When my friend and fellow writer Johnnie Alexander Donley asked me to participate in a blog hop, I had to Google blog hop to find out exactly what it was. I learned it’s a list of blogs or posts that are connected. This blog hop is about what each of us is writing. (A list of the other participants is at the bottom of the page—be sure to check them out)


What I’m Writing started with writer Karen Wingate (be sure and check out her blog) after her agent, Linda Glaz, suggested the blog hop. Johnnie’s blog was up next and she talks about her debut novel, Where Treasure Hides, that releases from Tyndale Digital First in January 2013.


Now for what I’m writing…

The old home place in Logan Point, Mississippi is the key to solving her problems, but does she dare return and face the ghosts that haunt her dreams?


Title: Shadows of the Past
Where did the idea come from? Shadows of the Past came to me one morning during my quiet time. Several years earlier, God had put on my heart to help write an abstinence curriculum and to work in the abstinence program in our state, and I’d taken several years off from writing to do that. Even though I loved writing fiction, during those years I didn’t have one creative thought in that area. Then, that morning as I asked God for direction, a character popped into my mind, and I knew two things about her. One, she was looking for her dad, and two, someone was trying to kill her. I was so excited.

 Genre: Romantic Suspense

What actors would play your character in a movie version? A younger George Clooney is always who I saw in my mind when I thought about Nick. Stana Katic who plays Kate Beckett on Castle would be great in the role of Taylor. Come to think of it, Nathan Fillion would be perfect for Nick, as well.
Short synopsis: After twenty years, Taylor Martin has a lead on her father’s whereabouts, but someone doesn’t want her to find him. She returns home to Logan Point, Mississippi to investigate and finds herself in the middle of a life built on lies. And Nick Sinclair, the man she’s fallen hard for, may be the biggest deception of all.
Agency Representation: I have a great agent, Mary Sue Seymour of the Seymour Agency

How long did it take to write the first draft? I wrote the first draft so many times…starting in 2008. The final version doesn’t even resemble the 2008 version. Even the names have changed. Hopefully the second book won’t take as long!
What other books in this genre compare? I’m not sure…maybe Dee Henderson’s O’Malley series (not that I’m comparing myself to Dee Henderson!)


 Any others in this genre? There are two books that will follow Shadows of the Past. Shadows of Love will be Sheriff Ben Logan’s story. Ben plays a secondary role in Shadows of the Past. And there’s a third book what will pick up one of the characters from the second book.

I also have a straight romance, The Brass Ring. It’s a about a young man who believes wealth and power will bring him happiness until his hometown and the girl he left behind shows him otherwise.
Who or what inspired the WIP? I don’t always know where my characters come from. They are just there, and I have to write about them.


Anything to add? I’m still pinching myself that Revell is publishing Shadows of the Past! And that they want two more stories set in Logan Point. Shadows of the Past is about God’s love and how He never leaves us nor forsakes us, that He’s there even when we don’t feel His presence.


Keep on “blog hopping”!

A great big thanks to my writing friends who’ll be sharing “What I’m Writing” on their blogs today. Please be sure and visit them.

Johnnie’s lovely daughter, Bethany Jett, blogs about relationships. Her debut book, The Cinderella Rule: A Young Woman’s Guide to Happily Ever After, releases from Regal Publishing in April 2013. Visit her at http://bethanyjett.com/.

Jeanie Wise blogs about Healthy Spirituality. She is the author of The Great Communicator: God as the Model Communicator: Reflections for Writers and Speakers. Visit her at http://www.healthyspirituality.org/.

Pam Hillman is blogging about her debut novel, Stealing Jake. It is an EPIC eBook Awards finalist in the historical romance category. Claiming Mariah releases in January 2013. Visit her athttp://www.calicotrails.blogspot.com/.

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer’s latest book, Mind of Her Own, also releases in January 2013. She has written two other novels and a nonfiction book on blended families. Visit her at http://www.dianabrandmeyer.com/blog/.

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