Suzy and the Highjacked blog…

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IMG_0001Hi, Suzy here. I’ve highjacked Patricia’s blog today because she’s been too busy to pay any attention to me. You see I have the password, and I won’t tell her what it is.

I mean everything was going along just fine. Every morning while she was working at the computer I was doing my regular thing of sitting in her lap. Then, somehow she got behind on this new book, and at the same time two other books were releasing–A HeartwarIMG_0487 (1)ming Christmas and her new book from Heartwarming–The Christmas Campaign.




No more time for me and no more of this:





Sooooo, I decided to explore a little.








Do you think she learned anything?







So here I am again, left to my own devices.






















If you have any suggestions for how I can get her away from the computer, or if you just want to tell Patricia know how cute I am, I’ll enter you in a drawing for her newest release from Heartwarming, The Christmas Campaign, that will be out November 1. For US residents, it’ll be a print copy and for everyone else, a digital copy.

Here’s the blurb:

Running for mayor of his Mississippi town wasn’t even a twinkle in Peter Elliott’s eye. But it could bring Cedar Grove’s favorite son one step closer to his dream of building a youth center. He’d better watch out, though. Town councilwoman Nicole Montgomery has just thrown her hat into the ring.

The independent, smart-as-a-whip brunette is leagues away from the bookish girl Peter knew in high school. And he knows in his heart that Nicole would make a great mayor. So does his cousin Jake, who could be edging out Peter in his campaign to convince the love-wary beauty that he’s the best candidate for her.