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Pink PalaceToday I want to tell you about the setting of the book I just finished. It’s set in Memphis, Tennessee at the Pink Palace Museum.

I was invited to come and explore the underbelly of the museum…the attic and basement, and guess what? There are so many places to hide a body there!

The basement was really dark and creepy with places you could actually crawl up under the house. But I didn’t set a murder there.

And then the attic…wow! There were so many places to hide a body that I had trouble sticking to one place!


The Polar Bear at the Pink Palace Museum

Shrunken Head

The Shrunken Head

Here are a couple of exhibits at the Pink Palace and one of them plays a part in the book. Can you guess which one?

Okay, now to last week’s Mystery Question and the answer.
  1. Fullerton: Police are looking for a man who tried to rob a Wendy’s while wearing a plastic bag over his head. Police were told that the man pulled up to the drive-through window, pointed a handgun at the server and demanded money. The server closed the window and walked away.
  2. 2:59 p.m.—The Learning Center on Hanson Street reports a man across the way stands at his window for hours watching the center, making parents nervous. Police ID the subject as a cardboard cutout of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  3. Tupelo police receive a report of a man ringing doorbells and when a woman answers the door, he kisses them and runs off. 
  4. Six men, their faces covered with red bandanas, got out of the Cherokee carrying a knife, baseball bat, billy club and rolling pin, said Davis, 20.

And the answer is…#3 🙂 I do want to add something to #4. The original report said:

Six men, their faces covered with red bandanas, got out of the Cherokee carrying a knife, baseball bat, billy club and rolling pin, said Davis, 20. “I knew when I saw the rolling pin that something bad was going to go down,” Davis added.

Really? You don’t think the red bandanas and baseball bat and billy  club was a clue?

Now for this week’s Mystery Question:
  1. Friday: Wal-Mart: Police receive a report of a newborn infant found in a trash can. Upon investigation, officers discovered it was only a burrito.
  2. Police received a call from an elderly woman requesting that they come immediately to her house and find the set of keys she had misplaced. When they arrived, they found them in her car ignition, where she’d left them.
  3. Police checked the area and found an open door in the back of the building. An officer went inside and called out, “Marco.”

    “The suspect’s name is not Marco,” the other detective said. Police found the suspect after he responded, “Polo.”

  4. 1:33 p.m., Sonora—A man came to the Sheriff’s Department to “find out how to legally kill” a person who was harassing him.

Okay, Mystery Solvers, which one is the made-up Police Blotter report? Leave your comment and be sure to share on Facebook and Tweet about it so others can try to solve it!