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taxes-tax-evasion-police-handcuffs-mediumThis week I started working on a new book that will be a departure from my romantic suspense stories. It’s a cozy mystery. And in case you don’t quite know what a cozy mystery is, here’s how I describe it: a cozy mystery is all about how an amateur sleuth takes the clues and solves a murder. Said murder is usually of someone who is not well liked, giving plenty of suspects.  Think Murder She Wrote or Agatha Christie.

Right now I don’t know a lot about the story other than my heroine’s name. Callie Jane Austen. Since she didn’t like the name I gave her, she goes by CJ. I can already tell she’s going to be difficult to work with. 🙂 Now on to the blog business.

Winner of Silence in the Dark is: Lisa Harness!!

And last week’s Mystery Question and answer:

A suspect had just broken into a pickup truck, and stolen a radar detector, and placed it in a stolen bank deposit bag. Also stolen was a wallet with cash and credit cards. The suspect was  arrested, but couldn’t remember his name. The wallet in his pocket belonged to the owner of the pickup. How did the officer discover the suspect’s name?

  1. His fingerprints outed him along with a long list of arrests.
  2. He had his probation officer’s business card in the wallet in his other pocket.
  3. He’d stolen his sister’s pickup and when the officer called him, she readily gave up her brother’s name.
  4. He was the arresting officer’s brother and the pickup belonged to the officer.

The answer is #2.  In the suspect’s  rear pants pocket was his wallet containing his picture ID and the BUSINESS CARD OF HIS PROBATION OFFICER! These criminals kill me.

This week’s Mystery Question:

This week’s question comes from police blotter reports again. One of the four reports is false. It’s up to you to guess which one.

  1. A resident called the police when five pounds of bacon went missing. Upon investigating, the man’s wife finally admitted she had gotten up in the middle of the night for a late night snack and had been afraid to admit it.
  2. A woman called 911 after not being able to get her friend to the door. When the police arrived, they broke down the door and found the house empty. At the same time, police were called to the woman’s house because a friend hadn’t gotten a response to her pounding on the door. Both women had passed each other on their way to check up on the other.
  3. A man brought in a half-eaten cucumber to the police, saying someone he didn’t trust had given him the cucumber and he’d thrown it in the woods near his house. During the night he heard a coyote hacking and coughing and crying in the woods. The next morning he’d found the cucumber and no coyote and he thought the cucumber was poisoned.
  4. A couple discovered a thief in the home after the homeowner told a joke and heard a laugh upstairs.

So Mystery Solvers, which blotter report is false? Leave a comment with your answer and we’ll see next week. Until then, would you mind clicking the tweet so others can guess?




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