Another Hapless Bank Robber

Patricia Bradley Stupid Criminal Question

hamster-wheel-1014036__340Have you ever felt like a hamster on a wheel? You know, the faster you go the more behind you get? That’s me this past week. I’ve been trying to write that cozy proposal all week and haven’t made it to the computer yet. The worst part of all? I can’t remember what I did that sidetracked me!

But enough about that. Let’s find out what the answer to last week’s Mystery Question was:

A robber in Florida was arrested on the spot for trying to hold up a branch bank. How did they apprehend him so fast?

  1. He didn’t have  a weapon and used his thumb and a finger to simulate a gun, but unfortunately, he failed to keep his hand in his coat pocket.
  2. His mother was cashing a check at the teller’s window, and when she realized what he was doing, she demanded that he put his gun down.
  3. When he approached the teller and jerked his gun out of his pocket, it sailed across the room, leaving him defenseless.
  4. He handed the teller a note written on the back of one of his own deposit slips.

And the answer is…I almost snowed you last week! Caryl Kane, the last one to comment, guessed right when she guessed #1!

And now for this week’s Mystery Question, another bank robbery crime:

A bank robber’s carefully executed plan was foiled when he did what?

  1. He tripped over the threshold as he ran out the door, sprawling on the sidewalk with his loot in his hands just as a beat cop walked past.
  2. He stole the teller’s car, which she described in detail to the police, resulting in a quick capture.
  3. Outside the bank, he removed the money packets from his bag and stuck them inside his coat just as the dye packet exploded, coloring his hands and face. An off-duty policeman realized what had happened and arrested him on the spot.
  4. He told the teller to give him all her hundreds. When she said she only had one, he grabbed it and ran, leaving behind a drawer full of cash.

Okay, Mystery Sleuths, what’s the correct answer? Leave your guess in the comments section below–I feel like this week I’ve got you beat!