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ElaineStock2I met Elaine Stock several years ago when I visited her blog to read about a writer I wanted to know more about. Since then we’ve talked back and forth on email and on her blog. Everyone’s Story is her blog and it shines a light on other authors, which is awesome to me. In this world, so many people are trying to get ahead that they don’t take the time to help others. But this isn’t true of Elaine. And I was so happy that she received a contract for her story,

In this world, so many people are trying to get ahead and they don’t take the time to help others. But this isn’t true of Elaine. And I was so happy that she received a contract for her story,  Always With You. I had the privilege of reading it a year or so ago and knew it’d only be a matter of time before a publisher offered her a contract. So let’s ask Elaine a few questions.

Your name: Is this a pen name?

Nope. Elaine Stock. Easy to remember, I hope!

Tell us a little about yourself.

A former Brooklyn gal, I live in the Northeast with my husband where I enjoy spring, summer, autumn, and put up with the winter. A member of ACFW and WFWA (Women’s Fiction Writers Association), I also am a contributing author to the international “Happy Sis Magazine.” In addition to Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads, I hang out on my active blog, Everyone’s Story, dedicated to uplifting and encouraging all readers through the power of story and hope.

When and why did you begin writing?

I don’t know why I began writing—it’s just something I did. Perhaps it was an emotional escape from less than stellar surroundings? Maybe an active imagination? I credit my mother and aunt for sharing their love for story—my mother a reader and writer (of poetry) and my aunt a verbal storyteller. However, as a kid, I just thought it was a normal thing to create fictional worlds on paper. In junior high I thought I’d become a playwright, especially of comedy shows. In high school my interests changed to novels. It took me several years of experimenting from everything from writing children’s stories to romance (for the ABA market) to discovering my passion for writing what I call a fusion of “family drama and psychological suspense.” It’s the latter that I feel God directed me toward, one that a Christian publishing house, Elk Lake Publishing, acquired me.

I wish I’d had storytellers in my family growing up. How do you market your work?

AlwaysCoverFinalcopy copyAlways With You was published by a very small and somewhat young publishing house. Though they do market their books, I’m discovering various ways to promote it—a true learning process! Anyone who knows me knows I’m 98% addicted to Twitter and am in love with creating memes, which I’m promoting my novel by. I also display on Facebook on my author page, personal page, and on FB groups. I’m also fortunate enough to have several fine bloggers hosting me on their blogs—thank you, Pat!! I’m also running a special Giveaway of my novel on my own blog to celebrate my new website. That’s my first tier of promotion.

I’m hoping next to offer a Giveaway on Goodreads, appear in my local newspaper, give library talks, and do a few book signings. All in 1 day. Not! I’m learning the hard way that promotion is very time demanding (yet, I believe the payoff is well worth it) and competes against the hours of my days, especially since I work full-time.


I can’t imagine working full-time and trying to write. That has to be extremely difficult. What is the name of your latest book, and how would you summarize it in less than 20 words?

My debut novel, Always With You, just released in January of this year. It’s premise (in 32 words—sorry):

A young woman yearning family, faith, and community marries a man promising all. Pregnant, she discovers secrets that will endanger her child if she stays, or cost her life if she leaves.

It is a really great book full of tension! Do you have a writing routine?

I’d like to be honest here in an attempt to inspire the hard-pressed upon writer: Don’t be disheartened when you read the well-intentioned advice of “write every single day.” Hey—if that works for you, wonderful! With my obscene schedule, it doesn’t right now, though I’m hoping in the near future. Just write when you can without the guilt … it’s the guilt and the self-put-downs that will really mess with your writing. You’ll be surprised how a little self-freedom will influence your productivity.

 Another big change for former-regimented me: I’m learning that yes, I can actually write in the late afternoons rather than only in the morning. In other words: become flexible.

I think being flexible is the key. What other piece of advice would you give to a new writer?

Believe in yourself when no one else will show it. But most, believe that God who led you to each new level of creativity or improvement or accomplishment is building you up for a reason and NOT to let you down: this became my personal mantra during the long months before a publisher said yes-I-want-you!

Absolutley! God doesn’t bring you close to your dream and then snatch it away. Do you have another project in the works? If so, what is it?

I’m finishing up my story No Going Back, which was a Frasier Contest Bronze Medalist. It’s another family crisis story tinged with suspense, though the focus is more on the psychological aspects of the characters and their relationship with each other and God.


That sounds really intriguing. How can people contact you?


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