Woolly Worms and Dumb Criminals

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

aboutwoollywormLast week’s question was what was a Woolly Worm and it seems everyone knew it was #3, a caterpillar that’s sometimes black. Which is the correct answer. 🙂 But as I researched about woolly worms I discovered a few interesting facts. 

Woolly have 13 segments and three sets of legs. They have tiny eyes, but they make their way around mostly by feeling around and touching. They also create a natural organic antifreeze that protects the interior of its cells.

Everything else will freeze, but the woolly worm will still survive. The antifreeze protects the creature in freezing temperatures that can dip as low as –90 degrees Fahrenheit. The woolly worm chooses its place to hide wisely. It crawls under logs, boulders, boards, rocks, and other dark places and can remain in its “frozen” state until May, when it will emerge as a moth that ranges in colors from tan totiger moth1 shades of orange. 

I will say that my woolly bear didn’t have the red band. It was solid black…which according to folklore means we will have a harsh winter. All I can say is I hope not!

The winner of the $5 Amazon gift card is Ellen Gray!

Now for this week’s Mystery Question:

Police  responded to call at a home for  public disturbance and ended up arresting a man for outstanding warrants in another county. How did they nab him?

  1. The arresting officer checked his Facebook page and discovered the man had used his wanted poster for his Facebook profile.
  2. When the police arrived, the man started denying that he had any outstanding warrants in the other county even before he was asked any questions.
  3. He had his wanted poster framed and hanging on his living room wall.
  4. When the police arrived, the man falsely implicated his girlfriend in a robbery and she turned on him and informed the police of the outstanding warrants.

So Mystery Solvers, which is the correct answer? Leave a comment with your guess and we’ll see next week. Until then, would you mind clicking the tweet so others can guess?