When It Doesn’t Pay to Carjack

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

foodCan you believe it’s only two weeks until Thanksgiving and then Christmas?? I’m already seeing Christmas decorations in the stores and a couple of my friends have their trees up already.

Once I would have fussed about Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but when I saw how much my friends enjoy their trees, I realized it doesn’t make any difference when Christmas decorations go up. It doesn’t take anything away from Thanksgiving and it gives them pleasure. Hopefully, as I’m getting older, I’m also getting less judgemental.

Now for last week’s Mystery Question:

The victim’s jewelry was missing, the electronics were gone, and a window was smashed. No wonder she was hysterical when the police arrived. Within a day she was arrested for insurance fraud. Why?

  1. She forgot to turn off her security camera that had recorded her “burglary”.
  2. Her son walked in and asked why all the TVs were at his sister’s house.
  3. Her French-speaking father called and she explained (in French) that it was all a scam in order to get the insurance money. Unfortunately, the police officer spoke French.
  4. A video showed her pawning the missing items at the local pawnshop.

Lisa, Trixi, Michelle, and Jennifer guessed the right answer #3, and they will get two entries in the drawing for Super Sleuth of the month for this week. Everyone who answered the poll gets an entry as well.

Now for this week’s Mystery Question:

A teenager attempted to steal a woman’s Dodge Caliber hatchback as she was about to drive her 13-year-old son to school. Why didn’t the carjacker get away with it?

  1. The carjacker didn’t see the boot that had been attached to the wheel because the woman had parked in front of her apartment building illegally.
  2. The carjacker didn’t know how to drive a stick shift and spent over five minutes switching on windshield wipers and lights as he tried to figure out how to drive it.
  3. The woman’s husband who happened to be a policeman was sitting in the passenger seat, and he arrested the carjacker.
  4. The carjacker was so nervous he put the car in reverse and gunned the motor, ramming a tree.

Okay, Mystery Sleuths, what’s the correct answer?  And if you tweet, I’d really appreciate it if you would tweet one of the messages below!