The Bank Robber Did What?

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

roller-coasterThe past two weeks have been like a roller coaster. Two weeks ago, my nephew became critically ill and was sent to Barnes Jewish Hospital where he crashed not long after arriving. If he’d been anywhere else, he most likely wouldn’t be here now. I spent 8 days with his mom (my sister) and his dad in his ICU room. Very slowly,  he is recovering, and we, along with the doctors, are cautiously optimistic.

I am excited that today he spent over an hour off the vent! And he’s only on dialysis every 12 hours. Would love to have prayers for him. His name is Brad, and he’ll be forty Wednesday.

I said all of that to say what a wonderful hospital Barnes Jewish Hospital is. From the first day, we have been kept informed by the doctors and the nurses exactly what is going on with Brad and what to expect. He is getting the best possible care and that made it easier for me to return home. But I’ll be going back!

Now, on to last week’s Mystery Question:

A woman was caught trying to smuggle a pound of meth across the border. Where did she try to hide it?

  1. In a stuffed weenie dog.
  2. In a fake baby bottle.
  3. In two burritos.
  4. She used the meth as padding in her bra.

The answer is….#3. She rolled the meth up in two burritos. And fooled no one.

And the winner of The Gingerbread Pony is….Cindy Lawrence!

Now onto this week’s Mystery Question:

A robber in Florida was arrested on the spot for trying to hold up a branch bank. How did they apprehend him so fast?

  1. He didn’t have  a weapon and used his thumb and a finger to simulate a gun, but unfortunately, he failed to keep his hand in his coat pocket.
  2. His mother was cashing a check at the teller’s window, and when she realized what he was doing, she demanded that he put his gun down.
  3. When he approached the teller and jerked his gun out of his pocket, it sailed across the room, leaving him defenseless.
  4. He handed the teller a note written on the back of one of his own deposit slips.

So, Mystery Sleuths, which is the correct answer? Leave your guess in the comments box!