Reflecting on Irma

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

I’ve spent the weekend glued to my TV watching Hurricane Irma bear down on Florida. Both of my daughters live in the West Palm Beach area. One daughter opted to ride the storm out. The other daughter and my granddaughter evacuated Thursday with four horses and four dogs to ride out the storm in the Panhandle.

And you know how that went now. They went right into the eye of the storm. The best-laid plans and all that. And Tuesday morning, the storm will be right over my area of Mississippi–not that we’ll get anything near what Florida has been through. Now I’m praying that Jose will travel out to sea and not hit any land.

Just now the TV is showing as the eye passed over Naples and the terrible wind and rain simply ceased. I am always so amazed at the power of these storms and then how in the eye it’s so calm. My prayers are ongoing for Florida.

P.S. It’s Monday afternoon and my family is safe and dry. No power, but that’s a minor inconvenience compared to what could have happened.

But now I think we need a little laughter so onto something a little lighter. Here’s the answer to last week’s dumb criminal questions and the answer.
  1. A man broke into the apartment of a 93-year-old man who happened to be a still practicing Karate black belt. Let’s just say even though the Karate master was 93, he still had what it took and knocked the burglar out.
  2. A 37-year-old man drove a stolen Lexus to court on the day he was about to be convicted for an unrelated auto theft charge. Make that two charges.
  3. A burglar broke into an antique store in the middle of the night, triggering an alarm. When the police arrived, they found the burglar inside a coffin, pretending to be dead.
  4. Krystal and Denis rifled a delivery truck looking for the urine samples they had just given to their probation officer. They found the samples and destroyed them, but were caught. Then they had to give a second set of samples which turned out to be positive for meth. The kicker? The original samples were negative.

And the answer is…#1. Congrats Linda, Nancy and Jerusha on guessing correctly!

And now for this week’s Mystery questions. I found these crimes under the heading of some of the most idiotic criminals ever caught. As usual, three are true and I made up the fourth one.
  1. A woman was looking for a drug dealer so she posted an ad on Craig’s List saying she wanted to purchase some marijuana. The police read her ad and set up a meeting with an undercover cop. She showed up and was immediately arrested.
  2. A man thought a Shop With A Cop charity event would be the perfect time to steal items from Walmart. He didn’t figure on the cops monitoring the surveillance cameras and was caught on the spot.
  3. A man decided to steal a flat bottom fishing boat stored in a boat house by lowering it and rowing it to a waiting truck and trailer half a mile away. His trouble started when water started filling the boat because the owner had removed the drain plug. It ended when the police responded to a security alarm that went off when he lowered the boat.
  4. A man ordered marijuana from a dealer for $10. When the dealer didn’t return, the man…are you ready for this? He called 911 for help. The rest is self-explanatory.

Okay Super Sleuths, what’s the stupid criminal story I made up?