Rainbows and Miracles

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

This weekend my sister and  I went to visit my nephew. Exactly a year ago this week we almost lost him to sepsis, not once but three times. It’s hard to believe but after a long year of rehab, he went to the fair in his hometown last week. Miracles do happen.

Coming home, these two rainbows followed us for several miles. I don’t know about you, but when I see a rainbow, I get goosebumps.

Now onto last week’s Mystery Question. Three reports from the police blotter are true and one is false. Which is the false report?
  1. Officers were dispatched to a local tavern after a report of a man attempting to enter the tavern riding a longhorn steer. Upon arrival the officers arrested the suspect and called animal control for the steer. When asked why he rode the steer to the tavern, the suspect replied that he didn’t want to be arrested for DUI.
  2. Officers were dispatched to a residence to investigate a stabbing. On arrival, officers contacted two males inside the residence, one of whom had been stabbed in the arm and in the leg. The investigation revealed that the two males were friends and were playing a video game inside the residence and began to argue about the game. The verbal argument escalated into a physical disturbance and the victim was stabbed.
  3. Police received a call about a suspicious vehicle. Upon initial contact with the vehicle, officers observed the suspect climb out of the trunk, but quickly go back into the trunk when he observed officers by his vehicle. A K9 unit responded to assist with arresting the suspect for his Felony Eluding charge. The suspect was eventually removed from the trunk of the vehicle, at which time he fled on foot and was then apprehended by the K9 dog.
  4. Officers were dispatched for a reported shooting. Upon arrival officers made contact with the victim who said that he was carrying his .40 caliber Glock as he got into his parked vehicle. He went to holster the gun in a firearms holster attached to the seat and did not realize his finger was on the trigger. The gun went off and the bullet struck his right upper leg and he was transported to the hospital for non life threatening injuries.

And the answer is…#1. Congrats Sally, Paula, Nancy, and Jackie for getting the correct answer.

Now for this week’s Mystery Question: One of the following reports is false. Which one?
  1. Police were dispatched to coax a cat down from a tree. After fruitless efforts of calling, “here Kitty, Kitty, and other such words, they left. Two hours later, they were dispatched to the same tree to coax a man down. He was 60-80 feet up the tree.
  2. A noise complaint was reported on Pin Oak Drive. Police responded and found a 50th anniversary party. The seniors were advised to turn down the Frank Sinatra music.
  3. Police were dispatched to Mirmar Beach to arrest a black crow for stealing a silver pendant from a table on a balcony. When they arrived, the crow returned and snatched another shiny pendant from the table.
  4.  Police report a false fire alarm at The Commons. A resident was drying underwear in the microwave.

Okay Super Sleuths, what’s the wrong answer? Leave a comment and be entered in a drawing for a book from my personal library.