Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

Winter Christmas background. Christmas boarder with fir tree branch with cones on the snow. Close up with copy space. Winter holidays concept.

Can you believe it’s the first of December? I love Christmas time. I’ve noticed people are usually kinder and more thoughtful toward others during this season and wish it were so all year round.

Now on to last week’s Mystery Question.

It’s 1951 in Cleveland, Ohio, and a police officer spots a Lincoln with California tags going the wrong direction on a one-way street. He pulls the car over and the man states his driver’s license is at the boarding house where he is staying. The officer accompanies him to the boarding house where a firefight erupts and the officer is shot and killed. The gunman flees with the officer’s gun. He stops at a diner to take stock of his situation and decides he has to get rid of the gun. Which of the following is not true?
  1. He ditched the gun in one of the toilets at the diner, and when the gun was recovered from the drain pipe, his fingerprint was etched on the gun barrel.
  2.  The police found the gun wrapped in a cloth bag in the garbage can out back of the diner. There were no prints on the gun, but police found a dinner knife with the killer’s fingerprints on it in the garbage.
  3. In a later shootout, the man is wounded and he drops his gun and police recover it, but it’s not the police officer’s revolver.
  4. The killer stated he shot the officer in self-defense and his attorneys argued for an insanity plea, describing him as a “moral imbecile” and “psychopathic”.

And the answer is…#2!

As for #1 — he was a really stupid criminal and actually tossed the gun into the toilet and flushed it. A day or so after the shooting, a customer complained the toilet was stopped up and a plumber was called. He found the gun and when it was examined, they found the criminal’s fingerprint etched in the metal from the salt in his fingers.

Congrats to Gloria, Trixi, Loraine, and Caryl for guessing #2. And the winner of the $10 Amazon gift card is Loraine!

Now to this week’s Mystery Question.

It’s 1982 and a man breaks into a home in Memphis, Tennessee, and takes a fifteen-year-old girl captive. He keeps her prisoner in the attic of a church in Memphis for four months until two maintenance men spot the two and rescue the girl. Other than losing weight, she was not harmed. One of the following statements is not true. Can you guess which one?
  1. At night he took the girl down to the church daycare kitchen where she could eat, and she tried to eat a lot so someone would notice food was missing. They noticed and left a note: please stop stealing our coffee.
  2. The girl left notes identifying herself and asking for help, but the messages were ignored.
  3. The girl was kept in a church right across from a police substation.
  4. A psychic repeatedly called the police and told them to look for the girl in a church.

Okay, Super Sleuths, which is the false statement? Leave your answer in the comments and be entered in a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card.