A Change in Plans

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

pexels.comLast week was an interesting week for me. Monday the 19th, I was supposed to have knee replacement surgery. Saturday afternoon I sat on my deck talking to God, you know, checking to make sure I should go through with this surgery. Since the cortisone injections, my knee was actually better, but I knew once the medicine wore off, I would be in pain again. So I asked God to show me if I wasn’t supposed to have the surgery.

Be careful what you ask God to do.

Sunday morning pain in my jaw and left shoulder woke me at 5:10 a.m. and my chest felt like it had a band around it. Indigestion, I said and took my stomach pill. Ten minutes later I decided to take my blood pressure. 214/108. Hmm. Maybe I did something wrong. I took it again. Nope. Same thing. Decided to call a friend and try a different blood pressure monitor.

When I got the same reading on the new monitor, my friend suggested we go to the ER.

“But if I go to the ER, I can’t have my surgery!” I wail.

But we went. And the surgery was canceled. A heart cath showed no blockages or even any sign of plaque. So I’m wearing a monitor for two weeks to try and get to the bottom of what happen. My doctor believes I had an attack of A-fib where the top of the heart beats out of sync with the bottom of the heart. I’ve had these in the past, only this time it was much worse. But I’m feeling better, even spent 30 minutes on the elliptical this afternoon.

Several people have wondered if God couldn’t have told me a little less dramatically, but I quickly say, no, He knew me and how hard it would be to get my attention. ūüôā

Now for last week’s Mystery Question:

A man walked in the door of a police station and came to the counter. Why was the man arrested?

  1. He had on no clothes.
  2. ¬†When the sergeant asked if someone could help him, he said, “Yes, I want you to give me a breathalyzer”. It seems ¬†he arrived home and his wife accused him of being drunk. He told her he was not drunk and he would prove it to her so he wanted ¬†to be given a breathalyzer so he could prove it to her. The policeman asked him how he got there and he said he drove and pointed at his car parked outside. The test was administered and he failed. He was charged¬†with¬†driving under the influence, spent the night in jail, received a huge fine and his driver’s license was suspended for a year.
  3. He explained he was lost and could someone direct him to the nearest barn so he could rent a stable for his horse. The sergeant, not believing him, followed the man outside, where sure enough, a horse stood tied to a parking meter. A horse he’d stolen.
  4. He claimed someone had hit his car and left the scene. When the officer ran the tag and title, he discovered the car had been stolen five years ago. The criminal had had the car so long, he forgot where he’d gotten it.

The answer is….#2.

And now on to this week’s Mystery Question:

The police made a sweep and arrested a group of young men. Was it because:

  1. A fraternity made a raid on a sorority house and stole certain unmentionables. Even though they were able to conceal their identities, they couldn’t leave well enough alone. The men, with their faces concealed, posted photos on Instagram holding their prizes. And in the background was a sign with the name of the fraternity¬†and was all the police needed to round up the criminals.
  2. Five brothers backed a four-wheel drive pickup through the plate glass window of  a closed pawned shop, jumped out and hooked a chain to the safe. Then they shot forward, taking the safe with them. Once they had the safe loaded in the bed of the truck, they sped away, their license plate in full view. The police almost beat them to their home.
  3. A group of criminals were stealing and shooting at people with Airsoft guns. They then uploaded the video to YouTube, complete with full credits…with their real names. Whoops! They also titled their video with the location. Needless to say, the police had little trouble identifying the perpetrators.
  4. Four men raided a tractor supply store and stole a case of Yeti tumblers. Two days later they put the entire case of tumblers on Craig’s List with an address where they could be seen. The police who regularly search Craig’s List for stolen items¬†quickly made the arrest.

So, which one is it, Mystery Solvers? A $5 Amazon card to one randomly chosen person who leaves a comment. Tweet about the blog and I’ll put your name in twice.