My Journey With Sensa

Patricia Bradley Life

First, I want to say for the record, I don’t own stock in Sensa nor am I being paid for what I write about the product.

sensaBut for months now, every time I watch television, I see this commercial with these bikini-clad girls sprinkling white powder over everything they eat, and of course they are model thin–I did say they were in bikinis, didn’t I? (And don’t worry, you’ll never see me in a bikini!) And they’re advertising this product that is guaranteed to help you lose weight. There is a 30-day free trial that only costs shipping and handling.

So…I thought, what did I have to lose? Sensa doesn’t mess with your metabolism or anything else about your body, it just helps you to feel full a little sooner. Of course the skeptic in me liked the free trial aspect. ‘Cause I really didn’t expect the product to work.

Most of the time when I tell people I’m trying Sensa so I can lose weight, they will look at me and ask why. Because I’m about 15 pounds over what I’m comfortable weighing–it makes my heart beat really fast when I have to bend over and tie my shoelaces. So I went to their website and tried their offer. Now, I’m not going to tell you how much I weighed when I started Sensa (You wouldn’t believe me anyway) but I’ve been using it for 3 weeks and I have lost 4 pounds. Now that doesn’t sound like much compared to some of the claims I see on other products, but hey, I figure I didn’t put my weight on in a week, and I’m not taking it off in a week.

The first time I decided the product might actually do what it claims is when I went to a local restaurant where I usually clean my plate. I come from a background where I Mom always said, “There’s lots of people in the world who would like to have that.” (Mom would always point to whatever I didn’t want to eat). “Now finish your supper.”

There are two containers that you sprinkle from: the sweet side and the salty side. I sprinkled from the appropriate side and began eating. Halfway through, I was full. And I quit eating–took the rest home(all those hungry people, you know). I think that’s the key to any weight loss program. Stop eating when you are full.

According to Dr. Alan Hirsch who was featured on the Dr. Oz show, Sensa enhances the smell and taste of food. I don’t know if it does or not. I do know I’m not eating as much. And I’m eating whatever I want. Like this hot fudge fudge cake And I didn’t even eat half of it.

Stay tuned as I plan to do at least one blog post a month on Sensa and let you know if I continue to lose that 15 pounds. And leave a comment and let me know if you’ve ever tried to diet. Have any tips?

Hot fudge cake photo provided by Patricia Preston