How Much Do You Know about Columbus and a Canadian Thanksgiving?

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Christopher_ColumbusAs I write this post, it’s Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving which is yesterday by the time you read it. So I thought I’d do a little quiz on both. Don’t worry, it’s true or false, so you have a 50-50 chance of being right. 🙂

  1. Christopher Columbus introduced horses into the New World. True or False
  2. He died believing he’d found a new passage to India? True or False
  3. The voyage took three months?  True or False
  4. Columbus and his brother operated a bookstore. True or False
  5. When Columbus first landed near the coast of what is today known as Watling Island in the Bahamas, he thought he was in England. True or False

Now for our Canadian neighbors–HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! a day late.Maple_Leaf.svg

Here is another quiz to test your knowledge of our Northern Neighbor.

  1. Canadian Thanksgiving is always the 1st Monday after the first full moon of October. True or False
  2. Pilgrims were the first to celebrate Thanksgiving. True or False
  3. Thanksgiving derives from ancient festivities in Europe that celebrated the bounty of the harvest – and enough food to survive the winter. True or False
  4. Canadians prefer ham as their meat for Thanksgiving. True or False


Answers for Columbus

  1. True
  2. True
  3. False. It took 2 months
  4. True. It was also a mapmaking business. 
  5. False. He thought he was near China, Japan, and India.

All answers were taken from 74 Interesting Facts about Columbus 

Answers for Canadian Thanksgiving:

  1. False. It’s always the 2nd Monday of October, but it hasn’t always been. From 1921 to 1930, Thanksgiving was combined with Armistice Day (now Remembrance Day), which was observed on Monday oturkeyf the week of November 11.
  2. The event often cited as the first Canadian (and North American) Thanksgiving was a feast of thanks given by Martin Frobisher and the Frobisher Expedition in what is now Newfoundland during their attempts to find the Northwest Passage in 1578.
  3. True
  4. False. Canadians will eat enough turkeys to stretch beak to tail feathers from Regina to Fredericton. That’s 3,654 km or a little over a day and a half. Or for Americans, 2,270 miles. 


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