Dreams Do Come True

Patricia Bradley Inspirational Fiction, Life

Last week I received my CBD Fiction Catalog and immediately sat down and looked through it. I’ve always loved getting this catalog and ordering my favorite books from it. IMG_0638

Some years back–after I’d been writing a few years–I remember getting the CBD catalog and looking at the fiction titles, wishing that someday mine would be there. But rejection after rejection came. Still, I believed God had promised me that my stories would be published and that my mom would hold my book in her hands.

But had I heard Him wrong? After all my mom was 92. And I’d been writing for 31 years.

Do we sometimes want something so badly that we imagine God has told us we’ll get it?

Could be.

So, how can you tell whether it’s your desire or God whispering in your ear?

I don’t know that I have a definitive answer for that. I do know that for several years before I felt God was telling me that I’d be published, I had prayed that He would remove my desire and fill me with His desires for me. I had also stopped striving to get published.

That doesn’t mean I’d quit writing. No. I quit trying to manufacture ways to get my work in front of editors. I became, dare I say it? Patient. Realizing that whatever happened was in His timing, not mine.

Back to last week. I opened the catalog and turned to page 32. There was my 3rd Logan Point book, Gone Without a Trace. While my mom didn’t hold this book in her hands, she did the first one, Shadows of the Past. This week I’m working on book number seven. What if I’d quit believing God during year 31 and stopped writing?

If I had, then how could God have opened the publishing door?


Have you ever thought God was calling you to something? If so, have you done your part so that when He opens the door, you’re ready to walk through it? Let me know.

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