These Hallowed Grounds

Patricia Bradley Hallowed Ground

I had planned another post for today, but Saturday a friend came from Ohio and another friend and I took her to The Catfish Hotel and then onto Shiloh. I’ve been to the military park many times, and seeing row after row of markers always affects me. This time was no different.

Total casualties were 23,746 men including 3,254 men who were killed on the 5,000 acres that make up the national park.

Every time I drive or walk around the battlefield, the enormity of lives lost almost overwhelms me as I realize I am traveling over ground where so many men died. I actually stood where cannons roared and muskets fired. A pond turned red with the blood of men who fell.

As I wandered through the cemetery, others were there. Words were spoken softly, reverently. We all recognized we were on hallowed ground.

I felt the same way when I was at Arlington and the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier. May we never forget those who have died fighting for what they believed in.


Now for Last week’s Mystery Question. Of the four answers below, three are correct and one is false.  Which is the incorrect answer?
  1. Brain Fingerprinting: criminals wearing a headband that measures cognitive brain responses to stimuli are shown pictures on a computer screen related to a crime, and an EEG picks up specific responses. Their responses revealed that their brains responded to crime-related details shown on the computer.
  2. Drone fingerprinting: This technology allows a drone to take pictures at a crime scene and identify finger prints to send directly to the lab for analysis.
  3.  Body Odor Bio-metric Identifier: This technology stores the specific body odor of registered criminals that can be used later for canines to identify the culprit by the body odor at a new crime scene.
  4. Vomit Inducing Flashlight: This hi-tech flashlight emits LEDs that disorients the criminal and makes him deathly nauseated.

And the answer is…#2. To-date there are no drones that take photos at a crime scene and send them for fingerprint identification.

Now for this week’s Mystery Question: Once again I’m visiting new technologies. Three of the following technologies are in use now. One is not. Which is the fake technology?
  1. X-ray vision: a machine that allows police to see images through wood, concrete, and brick. Used in situations where it is too dangerous to put a man or a dog.
  2. Super Dart: a system that shoots a special GPS-equipped dart that adheres to a fleeing vehicle and allows authorities to track the vehicle’s movements from a safe distance, without a frantic pursuit.
  3. A throwable robotic camera: You’ve seen the cops on CSI and NCIS use a camera with special wheels that allow it to move, climb and explore, but it is for real?
  4. Vehicle slow down system: equiped on some cars, it is a GPS-enabled system police officers can activate to slow the car down to five miles an hour.

Okay, Mystery Sleuths, which technology did I make up? Leave your answer in the comments section to be entered in a drawing for another book from my vast library. Selections include The Priority Unit by Susan Page Davis, Murder Mezzo Forte by Donn Taylor, and Murder is No Accident by Ann Gabhart.