Why Was the Man Arrested?

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question



Last week’s Mystery Question was so much fun for me. I love reports from the Police blotter!

  1. A woman reported her water line runs through the neighbor’s property. She thinks they have tapped into her line because her bill has been high for more than a year. When the neighbors were gone for about 6 weeks, her water bill returned to normal.
  2. A man reported a 21-year-old former female friend continues to call and text, even after being told to stop. He’s blocked her number but she has been using an app to get around it. She’s  called at least 150 times in the last 48 hours and claims she will do harm to herself if he does not respond.
  3. A 72-year-old man said a 36-year-old female friend came over to visit for a couple of hours. When she left, she took his checkbook.
  4. A woman reported she has a video of her neighbor sneaking into her hen house and stealing the eggs. She claims this has been going on for three weeks and that he had the nerve to bring her a cake baked with the eggs.

And the false report is ….#4. All the other ones are true. People do report the strangest things!

This week’s Mystery Question. A man walked in the door of a police station and came to the counter. Why was the man arrested?
  1. He had on no clothes.
  2.  When the sergeant asked if someone could help him, he said,”Yes, I want you to give me a breathalyzer”. It seems  he arrived home and his wife accused him of being drunk. He told her he was not drunk and he would prove it to her so he wanted  to be given a breathalyzer so he could prove it to her. I asked him how he got there and he said he drove and pointed at his car parked outside. The test was administered and he failed. He was charged for driving under the influence, spent the night in jail, received a huge fine and his driver’s license was suspended for a year.
  3. He explained he was lost and could someone direct him to the nearest barn so he could rent a stable for his horse. The sergeant, not believing him, followed the man outside, where sure enough, a horse stood tied to a parking meter. A horse he’d stolen.
  4. He claimed someone had hit his car and left the scene. When the officer ran the tag and title, he discovered the car had been stolen five years ago. The criminal had had the car so long, he forgot where he’d gotten it.

So Mystery Solvers, which one is it? Leave your answer in the comment section, please. And if you don’t mind tweeting, I’d appreciate it.