Who was Valentine?

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

It’s Valentine’s Day, and according to the Greeting Card Association, 25% of all cards sent each year are valentines. But have you ever wondered how Valentine’s Day started? Well, I have.

It seems St. Valentine lived back in 270 AD during the reign of Claudius II. Claudius decided to ban his soldiers from getting married. He felt that married men were too emotionally attached to their wives and children, and therefore didn’t make good soldiers.

St. Valentine thought Claudius’ decree was unfair and secretly married lovers who came to him. Of course, news like that gets out and Claudius eventually learned what Valentine was doing and had him arrested. And while Claudius was impressed with Valentine’s dignity and conviction, he wasn’t happy that Valentine refused to agree with the ban. When the priest tried to convert Claudius to Christianity, Claudius became furious and ordered his execution. Which took place on February 14.

Valentine had made friends with the jailer’s daughter and the night before his execution, he penned her a farewell letter and signed it: from your Valentine.

Now for last week’s Mystery Question:

Two men decided to rob a bank. Unfortunately, they didn’t get very far before the police nabbed them. Was it because:

  1. The robbers called ahead and told the teller they were coming to rob the bank and to get the money ready.
  2. One of the robbers handed the teller a note written on the back of his bank deposit slip that had his address on it, and once they had the money, they ran out the door without the note.
  3. Once they had the money, they ran out the door and tried to hijack a car…that belonged to an undercover cop who pulled his gun on them and arrested them.
  4. When one of the robbers fired his gun, he accidently shot his partner in the foot. The two men were so rattled, they ran off without the money. The police arrested them when they showed up at the emergency room.

And the answer is…you won’t believe this…#1. They actually called ahead and told the teller to get the money ready!

Now for this week’s Mystery question:

A burglar broke into a woman’s house with the intention of stealing her jewelry. What could he not resist?

  1. He couldn’t resist mugging for her camera. When the police checked the video, one of the officers recognized the burglar as one he’d arrested the month before who was out on bond.
  2. He couldn’t resist getting into the Rocky Road ice cream. Unfortunately, it was after he tripped the alarm and his snack allowed the police time to get there.
  3. He couldn’t resist getting on FaceBook and updating his status and left her house with his FB account still open on her computer.
  4. He couldn’t resist stealing her new car with GPS tracking installed on it. It took the security company five minutes to locate him.

Okay, Super Slueths, which is it? Leave your answer in the comments to be entered in a drawing for my newest book, Justice Delayed! I’ll draw a name the 28th of February!