And the November Super Sleuth Winner is…

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

We’ll get to last week’s Mystery Question and winner in a bit, but I thought since December begins this week, I’d do something different in the way of prizes. Like give away books from some of my favorite authors. **Disclaimer** These books are from my personal library so they aren’t brand-spankin’n new…but they still look and smell new. 🙂 Just leave a comment by 7 pm Monday, December 5th to be entered in the drawing.

The first author is Dr. Richard Mabry. unnamedHe writes medical thrillers and Medical Judgment is his last one. Be warned–once you start, you won’t be able to put the book down!

Someone is after Dr. Sarah Gordon. It’s been tough trying to recover from the traumatic deaths of her husband and infant daughter, but now someone is stalking her and has even set fire to her home. Her late husband’s best friend and a recovering alcoholic detective assigned to the case are both trying to solve the mystery, but both are also vying for her affections. No wonder she continues to live in fear and distrust with her only help coming from unreliable suitors. As the threats on her life continue to escalate, so do the questions: Who is doing this? And why? And how will her faith help her through this time in her life?


Now for last week’s Mystery Question and the Super Sleuth of the Month and winner of the $10 Amazon gift card:

A man fled from a grocery store with a stolen bottle of Schnapps and a packet of cough sweets and was quickly apprehended. What was his mistake?

  1. He hid in a nearby building that happened to be the local Police Station.
  2. He left his billfold with his photo ID on the counter.
  3. When the shop owner chased him down the street, he tried to carjack an undercover policeman’s car.
  4. He hid in a church and the pastor’s sermon convicted him and he turned himself in.

Once again Carly Kane kept me from skunking y’all. And I guess it’s only fitting that her name was the one drawn from the pot as November’s Super Sleuth and winner of the $10 Amazon gift card!

Now for this week’s Mystery Question which comes by way of the funny Police Blotter Reports. Which is the correct blotter report? Remember only one is true.

  1. Clark Kent was arrested for staring at the front window of Suzie Bowers’ ranch style home. When questioned, he said he was merely checking his x-ray vision.
  2. Donald N. Duck was arrested by police at 5:35 p.m. Saturday after police said he hit a car while in the drive-thru of Little Caesar’s Pizza. According to deputies, he smelled of alcohol and was in possession of a small amount of marijuana.
  3. Bruce Wayne was arrested for trying to break into the Warner Bros lot where the Batmobile is located. He insisted they had stolen his car.
  4. Peter Parker resisted arrest after scaling twenty-two floors of a building in Manhattan, claiming he was only doing his job as Spiderman.

So, Super Sleuths, what’s the real report from the police blotter? Leave your answer below and if anyone would like to tweet about this week’s blog, I’d be ever so grateful!