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unnamedI am so excited to have Janet Sketchley on my blog today, and she’s giving away a copy of Secrets & Lies.

Janet is a Canadian author who loves stories with strong characters, adventure and hope. Her novels, Heaven’s Prey, Secrets and Lies, and Without Proof (coming Nov/15) are stories of suspense and redemption.

You can visit her website at

I asked Janet some questions.

When and why did you begin writing?

I started writing fiction over 20 years ago, when an idea showed up in my head that I didn’t want to daydream. I started writing to get it out of my head.

And then more came! What does your writing journey look like?

I can’t call it “a long obedience in the same direction” because I was never sure of a calling. It was a long meandering with a few sprints, lots of plodding and some pauses. Every time I gave up, God prodded me back to my feet, and He eventually helped me accept writing fiction as His gift to me, whether or not it would ever be published. Naturally, it wasn’t long after that until my first novel was contracted.

I think God has a wonderful sense of humor! How do you market your work?

I have a local launch for each novel, and I’m thankful that my local Christian store carries my books and hosts the occasional signing. Other than that, it’s mostly online marketing, and I’ll confess I’m new enough at this that it’s not yet particularly effective. One of the most fun things is visiting other blogs like this to introduce myself to new readers.

How long does it usually take you to write a book, from the original idea to hitting send?

I’m still learning this. The first two took a long time, and I was learning as I went. Still learning, but my next novel will have been completed in about a year

Are there any specific authors whose writing styles or subject matter inspire you?

Brandilyn Collins’ suspense style inspires me, and also the way she can include traumatic events as needed without bringing in so many details that it harms me as a reader. I don’t write with her level of intensity, but my goal is to deliver consistent and quality stories that readers can enjoy. Timothy Zahn writes mainstream science fiction, and he has a gift for twist endings. I’m trying to be more intentional about discovering twists for my stories.

I love Brandilyn’s stories. Will have to check out Timothy. What piece of advice would you give to a new writer?

Persevere. Invest the time, and enjoy the process, because it can’t be rushed.


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Janet is giving away a free copy of “Secrets & Lies” to both U.S and Canadian readers. Click on the Rafflecopter below to be eligible for contest entry.



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  1. Elaine Stock

    Janet, give yourself much more credit: Heaven’s Prey was so intense that it was difficult to put down! So happy to see that you have a third about to be released.

    Pat, thanks for hosting Janet.

    1. Janet Sketchley

      Elaine, that’s why I wanted Heaven’s Prey OUT of my head 🙂 The next two are a lighter suspense. Thanks for the encouragement, and Patricia, thanks for hosting me. I’ve enjoyed your Logan Point series, and being here is like hanging out with the cool kids 🙂

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  2. tlrosado

    I read the previous comments after reading the synopsis for Heaven’s Prey and I am thrilled to hear they are a bit lighter. Serial Killers creep me out, but I am willing to read it to get to the rest of the series. Congrats on all of the praise for your work. I am always happy to find new authors through another author that I have enjoyed. More than anything, it’s my favorite way to discover new books. I would not know the first thing about marketing, but I always seek out author’s blogs if I liked their book. That and I scour Amazon for the author’s past books and recommendations.

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    2. Janet Sketchley

      With new-to-me authors, I look at their blog/website too, and Amazon reviews and the “look inside” feature. Serial killers creep me out too! I don’t think I’ll ever write something that dark again, but that was the nature of the story… to show that even someone that bad can be redeemed. I tell people who aren’t comfortable risking Heaven’s Prey that they can start with Secrets and Lies. Each book in the series features different main characters, and while they do give spoilers for the book that came before, they can be read as stand-alones.

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  3. Lea L

    For me personally, I am more likely to try a new author when I see a free or reduced priced kindle book. Most of the time, I’ll buy more books after reading that first one. I guess it’s the bargain hunter in me 😉 I’ve started trading books with blogger friends and have found so many new authors that I love! Just so happens that’s why I’m checking out this blog post today. 🙂

    ~ Lea

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    2. Janet Sketchley

      I hear you, Lea! That’s one reason I keep my ebooks’ regular prices lower than the big name authors. As a reader, I’m far more willing to try a new-to-me author if the book is free or inexpensive. Honestly? Most of the time one book is enough, but I’ve found some new favourite authors and gone on to read a lot of their other books, too. I hope you’ll give Patricia’s and my novels a try!

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