Was Punxsutawney Phil Right?

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Photo from Photobucket

Photo from Photobucket



Do you believe Punxsutawney Phil can predict when Spring will arrive? This year I’d like the groundhog to be right…remember last year?  







Yesterday I took a walk around my block. You see, I just got my Fitbit and I only had 4,000 steps at two o’clock. My goal is 10,000 a day. Haven’t met it yet, but I will. That I could actually walk around my block is an  indication of how this post is going. 🙂 It was 50 degrees and not much wind.



Flowering Quince

Just as I turned the corner and walked over a small hill, this is what I saw.

Then I walked a little farther and my heart lifted when I saw this. Whoo-Hoo! By the time, I returned I had found lots of evidence that Spring would be early this year. At least I hope so. IMG_1138

When I was young, I had an uncle who swore his big toe told him when a storm was coming and when we’d have an early Spring.

How about you? Do you go by weather prognosticators or do you listen to your uncle’s big toe?

And what do you call the yellow flower to your right? All my life I’ve called them Buttercups, but evidently they’re only called that in the South. They’re called daffodils everywhere else.


The winner of a print copy of The Gingerbread Pony is: Carolyn!

And the winner of Lynette Eason’s book is: Traci!

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  1. dtopliff

    I’m glad for your pretty flowers and will try to be patient for them to appear here. Meanwhile we look for returning birds, shrinking snow, and then dormant grass beginning to show hints of green again. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will . . .

  2. Edward Arrington

    I have my doubts about Punxsutawney Phil. We have groundhogs that invaded our property and that of the school next door over 20 years ago. All my life, I thought groundhogs hibernated in the winter but for the past few years I have seen them during the middle of winter, particularly on warmer days. We live in southern Virginia, which is five or six hours south of Phil up there in Pennsylvania. If Phil is like the groundhogs here in Virginia, he probably has trouble figuring out the seasons too. I’m just waiting to see what God does with the weather and not relying on a groundhog to tell me what’s going to happen.

  3. Sandra Orchard

    We were having spring before that darn groundhog went and missed things up! And yes, those flowers are daffodils. Or…since my daughter went to horticulture school and we were subjected to quizzing her on all the latin names…Narcissus of the Amaryllidaceae family.

  4. M. Weidenbenner

    10,000 steps a day? Wow! Good for you. My goal is for three miles every day. Yesterday I rocked it out with a 2-mile walk, an hour of body sculpting, and two hours of pickle ball for a grand total of 99 active minutes, but that was only 13,200 steps. How do you possibly get all those steps in and write too?

    I’m in Florida for the winter so we have pretty pink camellias blooming here, but I haven’t seen any daffodils. I love their bright color. Yellow is my fave. I’m glad you get to take a breather for a while. Enjoy many more warm days!

  5. P. T. Bradley

    Unfortunately, Michelle, I don’t. It’s write or walk. lol. I haven’t hit my goal of 10,000 steps a day. I did learn that a real mile shows up on the fitbit as only about 3800 steps. Don’t know why that is. And I do some of my walking in water and you can’t wear the Fitbit there. 🙂

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