Spring is Sprung

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by Patrica Bradley

Before I get to this week’s mystery, the winner of the $10 Amazon gift card is Sandra Orchard!

Now here’s a recap on last week’s Super Sleuth:

A man filed a fraudulent tax return, and the IRS promptly sent him a $10,000 refund. So figuring, Why not try my luck again? he tried again. Why did he get caught?

  1. He claimed his dog as a dependent and several vet bills, asking for a refund of $15,000.
  2. He filed tax returns requesting more than $14 trillion in refunds.
  3. He claimed four nonexistent children as dependents and requested a refund of $20,000

#2 Even the IRS raised an eyebrow at cutting him a check for the total amount of the refunds: more than $14 trillion. Moore pleaded guilty to cashing the $10,000 check.

Now, for our final Super Sleuth–well not final, just for a while.

Dobbins (Azalea) (2)

photo by Cheryl Meints

Bike and Azaela

photo by Cheryl Meints

It’s Spring here in North Mississippi and everything is blooming, even my bicycle.









As I travel the highways around here, I see fields and fields of yellow with tractor tracks in them.


So, the Super Sleuth for this week is: What is the field of yellow?

Is it:

  1. Canola
  2. Sun Hemp
  3. Weeds



Leave your answer in the comments section. The answer will be here next week with a new post on some of the questions writers get asked.

Oh, I just had a great idea. When you leave your answer, if you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask an author, leave that question, too!

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  1. Sandra Orchard

    Yee! Thanks so much for the gift card, Pat! Where I live it’s much too early for canola fields to be yellow. The only green in our fields is winter wheat. I’m intrigued to find out.

  2. Trixi

    I’m going to go with a completley different answer…..Sun Hemp. Just because, lol! I have no idea really, just making a guess here.
    Thanks for sharing the answer to last weeks super sleuth, I had guessed #1 or #3, both of which were wrong. These are fun, I hope you continue these Patricia!

  3. Cheryl Meints

    Pat, I don’t think it’s canola, nor am I convinced it’s sun hemp, so I’m going with number three, these yellow-colored fields are nothing more than”beautiful” weeds. The wetter, cooler Mississippi weather has certainly been beneficial for growing beautiful azaleas and weeds. Cheryl

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