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Tuesday I mentioned I was working on my novella for Kill Zone: Ten Deadly Thrillers that will deal with human trafficking, (you can read it here) and today I’d like to tell you a little more about all the authors and our stories. Kill Zone will release October 3, 2017, and is only $.99 for pre-order.

I love anthologies. I can pick up one and read a story in one sitting, and an added plus is it gives me an idea of whether I like an author’s voice.

So here we go with Kill Zone’s  stellar lineup of authors:

Rick Acker, Christy Barritt, Patricia Bradley, Braxton DeGarmo, Luana Ehrlich, Heather Day Gilbert, Heather I. James, Robert Liparulo Jordyn Redwood, Jan Thompson

I’m really excited about this book, and here’s a breakdown of each story:


by Rick Acker
Everyone has secrets. Silicon Valley billionaire Scott Sherman’s could forever change three women’s lives—and possibly much, much more.


by Christy Barritt
A car crash on a lonely road turns into a nightmare for Andie Meadows when she’s abducted by a serial killer. When the killer begins his terror again years later, she’s the only one who can help the FBI find him before he strikes again.


by Patricia Bradley
Murder becomes a case of mistaken identity at a remote drug rehab. An old threat resurfaces, and Andi Hollister finds herself in the crosshairs of a killer.


by Braxton DeGarmo
An explosion kills three well-known thugs, and Detective Seamus O’Connor is assigned to a task force to assist the FBI with the investigation. When two more explosive devices target criminals who have escaped justice, the hunt turns its focus on finding a vigilante. But when O’Connor starts getting close, the vigilante begins to hunt him.


by Luana Ehrlich
When CIA intelligence officer Titus Ray attempts to recruit an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran, he puts himself in the crosshairs of the Iranian secret police and triggers a series of events leading to deadly consequences.


by Heather Day Gilbert
When Marine sniper-turned-lumberjack Zane Boone finds himself in the crosshairs of vengeful terrorists, will he be able to protect Molly McClure and save his own heart in the process?


by Heather I. James
Charlotte finds herself at the end of a prison term for committing a felony against a man who deserved it. Upon her release, she finds that he is coming after her. Not for revenge but because he believes she has something of his, something that could put him away for life and topple a criminal enterprise.


by Robert Liparulo
After a lifetime of obsession, a vast fortune, and countless murders, Anton Talisen is on the brink of unleashing a powerful, ancient secret against mankind. Hutch has three days to stop him.


by Jordyn Redwood
Bestselling thriller author Lexie Sloan’s life upends when people close to her wind up dead, mirroring the plots of her award-winning novels. Is she the killer? Or is someone out to frame her?


by Jan Thompson
She opens a case she cannot close.
If he helps her solve it, he will die.

FBI Special Agent Stella Evans finds the last surviving computer consultant who holds the key to destroying a terrorist organization’s global network, but Cayson Yang may not live long enough to dismantle the computer system.

If these are stories you think you’d enjoy reading, it’d be great if you would consider preordering, using one of the links below! And stay tuned in October because I’ll be doing a give away connected to the release of Kill Zone.


To be entered for July’s drawing (a copy of Sandra Orchard’s Over Maya Dead Body) leave a comment answering this question: I like/do not like anthologies because…

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  1. Edward Arrington

    These sound very interesting but I am not a huge fan of anthologies. I typically prefer full-length novels.

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      Patricia Bradley

      Thanks for stopping by and weighing in, Edward. I don’t have a lot of time for reading, so I like that I can pick up an anthology and read one story and have a satisfying ending. 🙂

  2. Jackie Smith

    Like what I am hearing….lol… avid reader so any type of Christian fiction is a good read for me. I want to read Sandra’s book so much…read her earlier books so want to catch up!

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  3. Paula

    I do like anthologies for the same reason you cited. You can read one fairly quickly and get to know how an author writes. Thanks Pat!

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  4. Loraine Nunley

    I like anthologies when they are new-to-me authors because I can see if I like their voice, but I prefer longer novels from authors that I know and love. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  5. Trixi

    I like anthologies because usually I discover a new author to follow or I read books by ones I aleady love. I also like that they are shorter novellas so you can read one or two in busy times or when you don’t have a lot of time to sit down for a full length novel.

    I especially love the Barbour collection of novellas, they are usually historical novellas which is my favorite genre. I’ve not read a suspense anthology before though, but I bet I’d love them. These ones all sound good 🙂

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  6. Holly Magnuson

    Sounds like another winner! A couple of the authors I know and LOVE their work, others are new and like you I like these types of books because they give you a taste of their style. Thanks for offering this… win or loose I’m getting this book set! Blessings!

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  7. Sally Shupe

    I like an anthology to check out new to me authors. How do you find out about a publisher doing an anthology to submit your work? Or requested at the agent level? Can’t wait to read this collection!

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      Patricia Bradley

      Hi Sally. Kill Zone is being Indie published and I was honored when I was asked if I wanted to join the other nine authors in this anthology. It was the same with my first novella, The Gingerbread Pony. And Indie publishing is very hard, in my humble opinion!

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