Straight from the Police Blotter

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

I am almost finished with the book! Next week, I may do an interview with one of the characters. 🙂 But on to last week’s Mystery Question:

car-vehicle-driving-motion-mediumTwo characters park outside a post office and go inside and demand money. As they make their getaway, something goes wrong. Was it:

  1. When they went outside they found their getaway car had been stolen.
  2. When they went outside a policeman was writing them a ticket for parking in a no parking sign just as the alarms go off.
  3. As they ran out the door, the robber holding the money tripped and fell and the security guard captured him.
  4. When the robber with the gun pulled the weapon out, he had forgotten to take the red tip off the end of the toy pistol.

It is #1. And, when they realized their car had been stolen, they promptly stole one themselves, only it turned out to be a police car. Sometimes a crook just doesn’t get a break.

Now for this week’s Mystery Question:

Something a little different this week. Police Blotter reports. Three of them were actual police reports, one is a made-up one. Guess which is the made up one.

  1. 10:15 p.m. Suspicious people were reportedly doing something with flashlights by the side of North Street. A deputy checked and found the people are not suspicious, but merely Canadians out for an evening stroll.
  2. 7:14 p.m. A caller was reportedly on her porch calling “Help!” from her residence on Bank Street. Officers responded and found the woman was calling for a cat named “Help”.
  3.  7:00 a.m. A woman reported her husband missing. She said he does this about once every seven years. She handed them a bag with his clothes and said that they could find him at the local all-night beer joint and would they kindly give him his clothes so he would be clean when he returned.
  4. 6:00 p.m. A woman reported Thursday that someone broke into her home on the 1200 block of Sumner Street and switched hardware in her computer with identical hardware that doesn’t work. There are no leads.

Okay, Mystery Solvers, which one is the made-up Police Blotter report? Leave your comment and be sure to share on Facebook and tweet about it so others can try to solve it!