Dumb Criminals Strike Again

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

I’m busy wrapping up the  2nd Memphis Cold Case book, so let’s get right to the Mystery Questions!

Writer1Here is last week’s answer and a new Mystery Question!

 The Hefty-bag Caper

A man went into a drug store, pulled a gun, announced a robbery, and pulled a Hefty-bag face mask over his head. How did the police nab him?

  1. One of the clerks saw him before he pulled the Hefty-bag over his face and recognized him as her neighbor.
  2. The drug store had a surveillance camera that caught him pulling the Hefty-bag on.
  3. He forgot to put eyeholes in the Hefty- bag.
  4.  One of the clerks recognized his voice even though he had on the Hefty-bag and called him by name, and he gave up.

And the answer is….#3. He forgot to put eyeholes in the Hefty-bag. Can you imagine the scene???

Now for this week’s Mystery Question:

Two characters park outside a post office and go inside and demand money. As they make their getaway, something goes wrong. Was it:

  1. When they went outside they found their getaway car had been stolen.
  2. When they went outside a policeman was writing them a ticket for parking in a no parking sign just as the alarms go off.
  3. As they ran out the door, the robber holding the money tripped and fell and the security guard captured him.
  4. When the robber with the gun pulled the weapon out, he had forgotten to take the red tip off the end of the toy pistol.

Okay, Mystery Solvers, which one is it? Be sure to share on Facebook and tweet about so others can try to solve it!