Can You Believe it?

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

I’ve been working hard on my third cold case book and I now have almost 46,000 words. Half finished. 🙂  I thought today I’d give you a snippet from the villain’s POV (point of view).

Justice Deserved (My working title)

“So that’s why Vic Vegas went to the CJC.” There was no one to hear the words muttered harshly inside the dark sedan as Vegas stepped through the glass doors of the Criminal Justice Center.

Click. The zoom lens of a camera captured the Elvis wannabe and the woman standing beside him. Detective Rachel Sloan.

Not good. Not good, at all. Should’ve done something about Vegas a couple of years ago when he started snooping around.

Another click captured a closeup of the detective and further examination brought an unexpected visceral punch in the gut. Odd how one could overlook the obvious in routine dealings. How had Rachel’s strong resemblance to her dead mother been missed?

Same color honey-blonde hair framing an oval face, same hazel eyes, and while Rachel’s lithe frame and long legs were more athletic, her stance was like her mother’s. And like Gabby, too beautiful for her own good.

No telling what Vic had been filling the detective’s head with.

“Just don’t take the bait, girly. Or you’ll end up like your mother.”

Now you know the stakes for my third book!

And now for last week’s Mystery Question:

A burglar broke into a woman’s house with the intention of stealing her jewelry. What could he not resist?

  1. He couldn’t resist mugging for her camera. When the police checked the video, one of the officers recognized the burglar as one he’d arrested the month before who was out on bond.
  2. He couldn’t resist getting into the Rocky Road ice cream. Unfortunately, it was after he tripped the alarm and his snack allowed the police time to get there.
  3. He couldn’t resist getting on FaceBook and updating his status and left her house with his FB account still open on her computer.
  4. He couldn’t resist stealing her new car with GPS tracking installed on it. It took the security company five minutes to locate him.

And the answer is…#3. And that just blows my mind. Talk about an addiction!

Now for this week’s Mystery Question:

State police broke up a family-run ring of thieves who were responsible for more than 130 break-ins. What was their undoing?

  1. There was a family squabble, and one of the brothers turned the others in.
  2. The police infiltrated the ring and were able to bring them to justice.
  3. They got too greedy and returned to one of the houses they’d already burglarized, but the owner had installed a sensitive security system with a camera. Smile.
  4. One of the thieves wore a court-ordered electronic monitoring device while he committed the crime.

Okay Super Sleuths, which is the correct answer? Leave a comment to be entered in a drawing at the end of the month for Justice Delayed! (Print copy for Continental US addresses; digital for all others)