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Patricia Bradley Mystery Question

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I don’t know if the groundhog saw his shadow where you live, but he didn’t here in North Mississippi! So that means spring is right around the corner…I actually saw buttercups (daffodils) ready to bloom last week. It’s been one of the mildest winters I can remember. Not that we don’t usually have warm days mixed in with the cold. I can remember when I was a kid playing outside in January in shorts.

Now for last week’s Mystery Question:

A robber held his intended victim at gunpoint. The victim was certain he was going to die. Why didn’t he?

  1. The victim knew Kali, a form of self-defense, and disarmed the robber, then held him until police arrived.
  2. The victim was a detective who just gone off-duty and had not yet removed his bullet-proof vest.
  3. The victim fainted, and the robber thought he’d killed him and fled without taking his wallet.
  4. The gun failed to fire and the robber peered down the barrel and tried the trigger again. This time it worked.

Would you believe it is #4? I just find that so hard to believe that anyone would be that stupid.

This week’s Mystery Question:

Two men decided to rob a bank. Unfortunately, they didn’t get very far before the police nabbed them. Was it because:

  1. The robbers called ahead and told the teller they were coming to rob the bank and to get the money ready.
  2. One of the robbers handed the teller a note written on the back of his bank deposit slip that had his address on it, and once they had the money, they ran out the door without the note.
  3. Once they had the money, they ran out the door and tried to hijack a car…that belonged to an undercover cop who pulled his gun on them and arrested them.
  4. When one of the robbers fired his gun, he accidently shot his partner in the foot. The two men were so rattled, they ran off without the money. The police arrested them when they showed up at the emergency room.

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