And so it goes…

Patricia Bradley Mystery Question


“I quit my job.” That’s what Mavis Wanczykin said when she claimed the  758.8 million dollar prize.

My question today: if you had won, what would you have said?

Now for the answer to last week’s Mystery Question: Which is the false statement:
  1. A longtime employee for a state court system accidentally butt-dialed a Post reporter – yukking it up about how he barely showed up to work while pocketing a $166,000-plus salary.
  2. A man claimed he could not walk more than 15 feet – and that he needed support to help him carry his shopping and help outside because he was likely to stumble and fall. He pocketed disability benefits until he was filmed dancing with a dance troupe.
  3. A man who claimed he needed round-the-clock care was caught donning frocks, high heels, and wigs and miming to songs by Tina Turner and Diana Ross
  4. After her husband died, a wife continued to collect his Social Security check for ten years. Her death was the only reason it was discovered.

And the answer is…#4. I can’t believe no one guessed it! I guess because we all figure it’s been done. 🙂 BTW, can you imagine the man with around-the-clock care in a Tina Turner wig and heels? It really bothers me that people lie and steal to get something for nothing.

Now for this week’s Mystery Question: This is over-the-top crimes. Three of them are real, one is not. Which is the false crime?
  1. Crooks use an industrial forklift to snatch ATM from its foundation.
  2. A pigeon-drop scheme for $20,000 went afoul when the “pigeon” turned out to be a retired police chief.
  3. At the end of a bus journey, a suitcase full of drugs was picked up by the wrong man. He turned it in and the police placed FaceBook posts inviting the owner to claim it.
  4. There was a Nutella alert after 20 metric tons were stolen. Prior to that, a trailer was stolen and police are checking to see if there is a connection.

Okay, Super Sleuths, which crime isn’t real? Leave your answer to be placed in a drawing for Justice Delayed! This month’s winner will be announced next week.