Why is the Redbud Tree not Red?

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Patricia Bradley



SPRING is here!!



And I, for one, am so happy! Last week I saw my first redbud tree! And that got me to thinking. 

If you look closely, you’ll see that the tree buds aren’t red, but purple…so how did the tree get the name Redbud?

I didn’t know, so I Googled it. One answer: Because the person who named it was colorblind.

 Another answer was…a Purple Bud Tree just wouldn’t sound as nice.

The Appalachian Redbud is closer to red, though. The tree’s true name is Canadensis…I much prefer Redbud! 

Another thing that crossed my mind was this flower. Most people call it a Jonquil or daffodil. In the South, we call it a Buttercup. What do you call it? 

Oh! I Googled buttercup on Goodsearch and look what I found! See that last flower on the 1st row!


One last flower I wondered about is the dandelion. Did you ever wonder how it got its name? I did and looked it up. Evidently the English called it “lion’s tooth” back before the fourteenth century because the jagged green leaves reminded them of a lion’s snarly grin.




 Then it took on a French flavor–dent-de-lion (tooth of the lion) that became Englishized to dandelion. Bet you didn’t know that!



What flowers have you ever wondered about? Tell me and I’ll research them…anything to keep from actually working. 


And the winner of last weeks book, Jesus Calling Journal, is Jan Ballard!








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  1. dtopliff

    I may not agree with some of the color schemes you name or attribute to spring flowers, but I certainly agree on being glad SPRING IS HERE! (Long may it last)

  2. Carole

    So glad I learned something today. I saw a Buttercup on our way home Saturday and of course I was corrected and told it was a daffodil

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