Justice Delayed Reader Discussion Questions

Reading Group Guide for Justice Delayed

By Patricia Bradley

(Spoiler alert—these questions assume you’ve already read the book)

  1. As a teen, Andi Hollister had a serious heart condition and her family treated her with kid gloves, and she felt she always had to prove herself. What are some ways she might have taken her determination too far? What are some constructive ways a person can prove they are capable of accomplishing a goal?
  2. For eighteen years, Andi believed Jimmy Shelton killed her sister, and she has trouble accepting that he may not have. Have you ever believed something for a long time only to have it be untrue? How would you deal with the truth?
  3. Will Kincade resists falling in love with Andi because she is his best friend’s sister, and Will fears damaging his friendship with her brother if it doesn’t work out. What are some complications that can come from getting involved with a friend’s close relative?
  4. After Andi injures her back, she takes a strong narcotic pain reliever. When Treece warns her about addiction, Andi ignors the warnings, believing she’s fine taking the pain medication because her doctor prescribed it. Do you think there is a problem with addiction to prescribed medications in our country, and if so, what are some ways to fix this problem?
  5. As a TV reporter, sometimes Andi takes risks to get a story. Do you think the risks are worth her goal of becoming an anchor? If not, what are some ways that she could have reached her goals?
  6. Andi had not been inside the building where her sister had been murdered in eighteen years. Do you think it’s a natural tendency to avoid opening the door to old wounds? How would you advise a friend to confront an old wound?
  7. Will Kincade has been deeply hurt by his mother’s lack of interest in him, and when the story opens, he doesn’t want to see his mother. How hard would it be for you to have a relationship with someone who hurt you deeply? What words of advice would you have for Will?
  8. Later after Will learns his mother has cancer, do you think he handles the situation well? How would you handle it?
  9. At one point, Andi tells her mom that the wrong daughter died. Why would she think that when her mother loves her very much?
  10. Will and Brad want to protect Andi, but she thinks that she can take care of herself. Would you like it if someone hovered over you? How would you tell someone to back off if they were overprotective?